It all started so well …

Today has just been one of *those* days.

Better inside... or out?
Better inside… or out?

As we fell into bed yesterday evening, I asked my better half if he’d just have a quick look online to find out where we might get hold of an Easy Dresden quilting ruler locally, so that I wouldn’t have to wait for a couple of days to get my sticky mitts on it and so begin my new quilting project. He usually brings his Tablet to bed and browses for a little while – I guess it’s a 21st Century approach to reading a couple of pages before turning the light off. I cannot abide it usually, but my need for information sooner, rather than later, fuelled my request and he was more than happy to oblige.

The problem was, of course, that it seemed that there is nowhere local that would have such an implement so unless we got our thinking caps on, we were destined to draw a blank. Somewhat sadly, I fell asleep, to dream of the mathematical construction of the trapezium required, so that the angles and length of the sides would be accurate and appropriately sized. I have already told you, I am one of those irritating people who *likes* maths!

I did wake up at about 4.30am and rushed to the window to see if I could spot the promised meteor shower, but by this time the cool, grey light of dawn was fairly firmly established and having accepted that ship had sailed, I jumped back into bed, slightly disappointedly.

At 8.30am I woke to find a huge smile on he-who-cannot-be-thwarted’s face – he announced that during his middle of the night sojourn to the bathroom, the idea suddenly came to him, like Road Runner on an empty highway… HobbyCraft! He’d had a quick search online and guess what? Uhuh! They have them in stock, not 25 miles away and all we have to do is go over to York and pick it up! Yay!

Images of Dresden blade configurations swam before my eyes, causing me to smile absently before leaping out of bed to ready myself for this unexpected trip. When I say ‘leaping out of bed’, of course I actually mean slowly rolling over and gingerly swinging my legs over the bed edge, whilst simultaneously groaning and hauling myself into an upright sitting position, where I remained for several minutes before completing the process and easing myself into a semi-vertical stature, now ready to face the day. I am feeling much older than my fifty-two years at present!

I was, I have to admit, a little too excited about the prospect of my purchase. I was planning to ‘find’ some other useful tools and equipment as well, because you never know when these things will come in handy. Those of you who are fellow quilters, or artists in general I find, will KNOW what I mean. I couldn’t wait to get the Dresden ruler and get back home, to cut out my blades and GET STARTED on the quilt… I had posted my fabric palette to good reviews from my friends at the Open Group for Bedlam Farm who seemed to agree with me that the colours are just lovely…

Fabric palette for Dresden quilt project
Fabric palette for Dresden quilt project

I should have known. It’s always the way. When we arrived, the shelf was empty, a very nice young man trotted off to find more stock to fill the shelf, but to no avail – he too cursed the inaccuracies of the website; ‘It’s always wrong!’ he announced cheerfully to me. We visited every store in York that might possibly have such a treasure, but no-one has them. One helpful lady proffered this advice… ‘You could always try online for something like that you know’. Yes. Indeed. Thank you.

My entire day has been stolen, a wasted trip. I managed to order the thing online within ten minutes of arriving home and it should be here on Thursday, when I can then begin making this latest creation. If only the geometry of the design didn’t appeal to me so much, I would have already ploughed straight in and started making something free, bonkers and creative! Roll on Thursday!


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