Buddleia: butterfly & bees’ best restaurant

Upon returning home from the dentists this lunchtime, we were greeted with a heartening and delightful sight: our buddleia has started to attract wildlife beyond even my ambitious expectations! It has grown from the foot-high plant purchased in Spring last year, planted in the front of the house, which is south-facing, into a monster that reaches about 8 feet into the air. Soon, we’ll be able to see it from the bedroom window! There were many visitors last year too, but I didn’t manage to catch them on camera.

I rushed inside to fetch my trusty Canon and started snapping away. These creatures were simply swarming all over the bush, greedily stocking up on nectar that must taste like champagne to them, so popular it seems. Some stalks had four or five butterflies as well as several impossibly fat bumble bees, all doing their best to drain the plant of its life giving force. They had squabbles and pushed each other out of the way like bargain hunters at the Harrods’ January sales, each determined to find their fill of ferula, the food of the gods. One satiated bee, having filled his boots to absolute capacity zig-zagged away into the sky, clearly singing ‘Show me the way to go home’ and hiccupping merrily. True story.

bee Butterfly 1 Peacock butterfly two butterflies


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