Dresden quilt: work in progress

Dresden quilt in progress!
Dresden quilt in progress!

It’s been an exciting day. I decided, some time last week I think, (or was it only Monday?) to try a traditional type of stitching -using a Dresden plate design. I looked it up on You Tube – (thanks Jenny at the very helpful Missouri Star Quilt Co… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcy_p4pryE4 ) and I was hooked straight away – it looks fantastic and relatively easy too. what could go wrong?

I headed off to my favourite fabric shop in Scarborough http://www.patchworkonline.co.uk/  –

Fabric palette for Dresden quilt project
Fabric palette for Dresden quilt project

it’s like an Aladdin’s Cave in there, full of fabulous goodies! I spent about an hour selecting fabrics and was very pleased with my chosen palette; I also delighted in the lovely comments that my friends at the Open Group for Bedlam Farm made about my choices. I KNOW it’s going to look great, provided I can actually sew a straight line at least 🙂

I couldn’t get hold of the EZ Dresden template on Monday, so headed off for a fruitless search in York the next day.  It just wasn’t happening in reality, so I ordered it online and then settled down to wait for it to arrive.

Sure enough my postie brought my present to myself this morning and I was literally hopping from foot to foot with excitement! Now I could get to work! I’ve been posting on and off for most of the day with progress updates, but decided that before I stop for the night, I’d share my progress thus far here.

I’ve decided to go with a quilt – the colours are spectacular and it deserves to be something large. I reckon I’ll put twenty blocks of Dresden’s in a four by five configuration, with a border round each block – probably a creamy colour, to tie it all together. Not sure what edging or backing I’ll go for yet, that’ll have to wait till I’m ready.

340 blades cut and ready to sew
340 blades cut and ready to sew

I found several other favourite bits of fabric in my boxes of stash and since each block will need 20 blades, plus a centre circle and backing square, I’ve got a sort-of plan in my head. I could spend time drawing it out, but I can’t contain myself for long enough to do that!

So, 20 blocks with 20 blades in each means at least 400 blades that needed to be cut, the top edge stitched together to form the point, then pressing of each blade. Individually. That is a LOT of pressing!  Each one needs to be turned out and the point positioned accurately before I press, or else the Dresden plates will look lopsided. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t such a darned perfectionist! It’s going to take a bit longer than I anticipated, but I’d rather it look right than skimp on my efforts and end up with something shoddy-looking.

Once I’ve done the pressing, then the *fun* begins! I’ll be selecting colour combos tomorrow, then piecing each block together. I expect I’ll get maybe two blocks done tomorrow. It may be faster, once I get on a roll…

Stitching the blade's tops to make the points
Stitching the blade’s tops to make the points

Blades all sewn together for easy trimming

I have had to stop for the night… tired and head spinning a bit so I think I need a little rest. Back tomorrow…


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