Once upon a Blue Moon…

Hanging, high in the inky darkness of the night sky, partially hidden by fleeting clouds, the moon always strikes me with great wonder.

Once upon a Blue Moon...
Once upon a Blue Moon…

I stare up at the glowing orb, seeing the sun’s mirror reflecting the glory of our stellar body. I am searching quickly for familiar canyons and tranquil seas, satisfying a deep, almost visceral, need when I find them. The moon seems to pull me closer, drawing me in to whisper the secrets of the universe in my mind, especially when, as at this time of year, she wears her cloak of blue.

Oh, mysterious Lady Moon! Stay a while longer, so that we may bathe in your incandescent aura and connect with the bountiful sun, the scintillating stars and all else in the vast expanse of the universe.

But clouds obscure your view, shrouding you in wispy cerements until you seem distracted, gone to another world, away from me. I know you will return.


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