Ra! Ra! Sunflower therapy

Mark's winning giant sunflower
Mark’s winning giant sunflower

Can there be another colour that gives as much instant joy as yellow? It is the perfect counterpoint for ‘the blues’ in every sense of the word, I kid you not.

This is the last of the sunflowers that Mr Gregory grew this summer. The others all had their moment in the sun; having grown up to around five or six feet high they put forth their best floral displays and opened their petals to the sun. Bees loved them and many other small flying things alighted on the lovely sunflower’s dish of delights. It was wonderful to behold.

But this gargantuan specimen has been saving the best for last. He’s the only one left standing now – all the others have faded and passed. In the competition for growth, this flower’s stem has won by a significant margin – he’s at least eight and a half feet tall and has the most perfect, dinner-plate sized flower I’ve ever seen on a sunflower. Each petal is fabulous, they seem to shine with a luminescence that borders upon magical.

Well done Mark! I just love this brilliant flower!


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