Bathing in Scarborough: Can I help you?

I popped into Scarborough  late yesterday afternoon and found myself photographing the harbour once more. I came across something I’ve never noticed before in all my visits there… and there’s been a fair few especially in recent months. 

The lighthouse at the entrance to Scarborough Harbour

The lighthouse at the entrance to Scarborough Harbour

This lighthouse guards the entrance to the harbour, guiding shipping in and out in all weathers and levels of visibility. It’s not particularly spectacular or noteworthy; it sits at the end of the Vincent pier, an eighteenth century structure built to accommodate the fishing fleet of the day; it was rebuilt in 1931 after serious damage during the first world war.  

It wasn’t until I looked at my photos at home later on that I noticed the figure sculpture of a woman with outstretched arms, standing aloft an upended girder, preparing for a spectacular dive into the water.

Female diver - woman of mystery

Female diver – woman of mystery

I am intrigued.

What is she doing there? Who is she or who does she represent?

She’s clearly wearing a sporty swimming costume and possibly a swimming cap… why? I really now need to know.

I did a little research on the Internet and discovered that she’s one of a pair of sculptures noting the fact that Scarborough was the first sea bathing resort in the UK.

I still think I should find out more about her though…

Maybe this little guy can help…

Can I help you?

Can I help you?


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