Original in so many ways – the story

I want to reblog this for a very good reason. Dave Smith, the originator of this wonderful, life-affirming story is a good friend of mine and we all need good friends, so that’s the best reason I know to reblog anything. But even more importantly, for me at least, is the story that he tells. I knew much of it, because I lived through the experience, from a different perspective of course. I have stories to tell of Bali which I will, another time, but the relief when he rocked up at school shortly after the tsunami, safe and sound and significantly, still alive, was palpable to all who know and love him. Dave is a true rock, hewn from granite (as all Yorkshiremen are), with an unexpectedly sensitive core. His (and Mairi’s of course) friendship means the world to me and I want people to see the brilliance of his star. So, I’m sharing his story and want to congratulate him on getting it out here. Well done Dave!

One day at a time.

First of all congrats to Liz who recognised the image as work by Sandra Tobias. Sandra was a colleague of ours in Hong Kong, working as a teacher as well as a successful artist. She is now working in Victoria, Australia.
The painting was purchased by Mairi and I at an exhibition Sandra held in LKF, and was the very first thing we bought together, long before we had anywhere to hang it.
 When I moved to Thailand I took the painting with me, the idea being to hang it there until we found a more permanent home for it – a home we would be sharing.
Over the Christmas of 2004 I was visiting Mairi in Perth, where she was then living, and I had given up the apartment I had rented in Phuket, intending to move to a new one on my return to Thailand after the new…

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