Shine on, shine on, Harvest Moon…

As I look out of the window there’s an ethereal glow, a silvery sheen over the tree tops and the lawns and oddly, the gnomes. It is of course a Full Moon this evening (at least, it LOOKS pretty full, so I’m guessing that it is an actual full moon, although the lack of howling wolves is somewhat discombobulating 🙂 ) and so I dashed outside to take photographs.

full moon, heavenly body, moon
Harvest moon, September 18th 2013

I have a Canon EOS 400D with a 100-300mm zoom lens, but even I was quite impressed with what it’s managed to see tonight. it’s just amazing what can be seen from so very far away, although, I swear I was closer to the moon in my front garden than in the back … go figure!


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