Blue Haiku

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m currently writing a book of haiku for children that I hope to combine with some interesting, artistic illustrations to interpret the Japanese poetry from a visual perspective.

Here’s an example:

Moonlight reflections
Blue moon haiku

The image is one I took of the gorgeous harvest moon the night before last, when I was startled by how much detail my simple camera can capture from so very far away. For the technically minded, I inserted this moon into an image that I had of a tree-line taken at dusk some time ago – I can’t even remember when I took that part of the image! It was the deep cobalt blue quality of the evening sky that appealed there.  Then I copied this compound image, flipped it over and applied a rippling mask to the flipped image. Returning to the original, I doubled the height of the canvas, placing the  compound image at the top, then I copied the flipped image onto the space below the compound image and lined it up carefully. Et, voila! The moon is reflected into the newly created lake and we have the image that was in my head to start with.

I’ve offset the poem and attempted to introduce an element of the unusual, referred to in the poem, by flipping the words rather than directly reflecting them. I tried having the words ripple, as the water is doing in the lake, but that looked more like a simple reflection and I want to invoke a slight jarring, like something’s not quite as it seems, hence the current position of the reflected text. Also tried without reflecting the words, but that didn’t resonate at all!

I don’t think this is a final draft of this poem yet. I’m still considering its impact. Also, many of the other illustrations I want to create as physical pieces of art, rather than digital art – ideally, I imagine there will be a variety of media used. I do so enjoy creating digital art – the process works well with my perfectionist tendencies – I’ll probably do some more of these kinds of images too… I have a haiku about white horses on the Carmargue that will be enhanced by this technique too I think. Ah, the possibilities!


2 Replies to “Blue Haiku”

    1. I’ve got about twenty haiku on a colour theme ready, but need to get to grips with the illustrations. I have the ideas in my head but not yet committed to paper or whatever other media I’m going to use. I want to make a rainbow of haiku 🙂 Thanks for the support Tom!


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