Say it with flowers, my love!

I may be one of the luckiest people on this earth. I certainly know how to pick ’em! My FAB husband, to whom I have been married for the past thirty-three and a half years (but who’s counting?) has bought me flowers virtually every week in that time. There were a few months when we first moved to Hong Kong in the early ’90’s that this was not possible because you could only get fantasmagorically fussy bunches of exotic (and for that, read ‘extortionately expensive’) floral bouquets from exclusive florists when we first arrived.

I recall the delight on his face when we discovered that a local man had spotted the gap in the market and set up a stall near the escalator in Mid-Levels, selling bunches of flowers that he must have picked up from the flower Market over in Mong Kok – which we later discovered ourselves, although it took us another three or four years. He made the wise choice to start selling the flowers in simple bunches, without all the ridiculous trappings – fancy tissue or cellophane papers, nonsensical supposedly ‘artistic’ string ‘constructions’, plastic glittery butterflies and the like – for reasonable prices and he made an absolute fortune. The large Western population of Mid-Levels were finally able to get flowers at reasonable costs and everyone was happy.

So over the thirty three and a half years, I’ve had many bunches of very beautiful flowers from Mr Gregory. Here’s this weeks:

Thank you for the lovely flowers!
Thank you for the lovely flowers!

But, you know, I really like playing with images and so today I’ve used these lovely flowers to try out an updated version of some free software that I use, called ‘Photofiltre’ (check it out here… ) Where I discovered they have added the ability to manipulate layers since I last downloaded my original version, several years ago now. WooHOOO! I’ve been playing with it much of the day…  and here’s my first efforts.

Roses Present
Roses Present
Roses Past
Roses Past

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