‘Blossom’ – selling art

I love to paint pictures, often with an actual real paintbrush and tangible, solid paints. Sometimes of course, I also paint pictures with words – or at least I try to. The process of becoming a writer after so many years of being defined as something else – labels as diverse as teacher, mother, saleswoman, designer, hockey player, cook, singer, barmaid, decorator, entrepreneur and children’s theatre producer have been applied to me at various points in my former life –  is a slow and determined one, which I am working hard to perfect.

As often as not these days, I paint pictures with my camera – very occasionally I am delighted with my composition as it was in reality and am happy to publish those photos with no editing or post production of any kind, although to be fair, if I’m posting a picture on the web, I usually have to at the very least resize it so that it doesn’t put people off whilst they wait for it to load, which could take a very long time if I left them at the three megabytes per image that I usually use.

But most often, I take photos with my camera and then use editing software to digitally alter them so that they are more aesthetically pleasing (to my eye at least) or to satisfy a particular remit I’ve been given.

One thing I have recently started to do is to play with these images, trying to create a new, more original image, possibly incorporating a number of different elements from different original photographs or digitally ‘painted’ canvases that I’m constructing. This digital art is very new for me, but I find it very exciting to consider what the possibilities might be for creating some unique works of art, given almost no restrictions upon my imagination.

Today I’m sharing an image that I took with my camera last spring, of some blossom on a fruit tree. The first image is the original photo, with no digital editing save for resizing, for the reason mentioned earlier.

Cherry blossom - the original photo
Cherry blossom – the original photo

Next comes the first alteration of this image, with a simple watercolour mask over – I’ve darkened areas to increase the dramatic appearance of the light source.

Watercolour version of Cherry Blossom
Watercolour version of Cherry Blossom

Finally, I’ve added alternative colours to further increase the intensity of the image. I really like this last version – it has an ethereal quality that I really enjoy.

Colours have been intensified in this version of Cherry Blossom
Colours have been intensified in this version of Cherry Blossom

I’d really love to be able to sell some of my artwork – paintings, drawings, photographs and digital art. I know of many others who manage to do so. I wonder what something like this might be worth?

Let me know what you think – leave a comment or contact me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts!


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