Winter visitors

Whilst I mourn the passing of Summer’s warmth and miss Marty McFly madly, I was greatly cheered this morning whilst munching my morning porridge. A fairly hard frost had painted a pretty scene on our back lawn, with sparkly white twinkles bedecking each blade of grass. It was just getting light and although I was too pre-occupied to fetch the camera whilst getting breakfast ready, I was oddly calmed by the wintry scene outside the kitchen window. I could imagine a day of snuggling warmly by the fire, perhaps snacking on roasted chestnuts.

The madness that always surrounds Toby’s departure for college at around 7.25am had finally abated and silence befell the Gregory household. I was quietly collecting my thoughts and sipping my cup of tea when something caught my eye on the patio.

I dashed to collect the camera and was rewarded with the following shots – thanks to Jeff Anderson‘s fabulous tutelage, I confidently reeled off a series of pictures, capturing the visit of this gorgeous little chap – already looking jolly portly and ready for Winter’s gifts.

Good Morning Bobby!
Good Morning Bobby!

I think he looks like his name is ‘Bobby’, thanks to his habit of bobbing up and down to look for nutritious nuggets on the ground.

Did someone call my name?
Did someone call my name?
Looking for a tasty treat on the patio
Looking for a tasty treat on the patio

I hope he comes back tomorrow!


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