Baking Day

Today is my baking day, probably not the last one I’ll have to undertake before the Big Day.

Of course first on the menu is the Birthday Cake – Toby might be seventeen today, but he still wants a Victoria Sandwich with his lunch. Better get on that – only an hour or so to go!

Those Christmas cakes won't ice themselves you know...
Those Christmas cakes won’t ice themselves you know…

Then I have to marzipan and possibly ice the two Christmas cakes made a couple  of weeks ago – yes… I know I should have made them on Stir-it-in-Sunday at the end of October, but I’ve been a bit behind this year doncha know?

And then I need to get some pastry made for the mincies. I made the fabulous mincemeat when I finally succumbed to making cakes a couple of weeks ago. This mincemeat is seriously good this year for some reason – it’s usually good, but this is just, well, WOW! I’ll post the recipes later when I need a sit-down, but thought I should give you all fair warning, it’s going to be a scrummy day and if I can manage to snap a few photos before the guzzling makes mincement of them (Oh, what a happy turn of phrase there!) I will.


Unless someone eats them first.

That would possibly be me.


Stay tuned…. 🙂 (and thanks for reading!)


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