Christmas Cake number 1 is ready…

As yesterday was spent marzipanning the cakes, making pastry for the mince pies and making a birthday cake for my Neanderthol, I didn’t get to ice the cakes because I was, quite frankly, wiped out.

AND I didn’t eat any of the stuff I made yesterday. How good am I eh? Huh?

Well, apart from a relatively small portion of the birthday cake.

Well, you HAVE to eat cake on your son’s birthday, don’t you? I’d be brandished as the world’s worst Mum if I didn’t eat the cake.

And, I can confirm that it was really, really delicious!

So, after my chiropractor has straightened me out from the standing yesterday I spent this afternoon icing the small round Christmas Cake for my grandchildren, which I shall take with me to Oxford tomorrow when I go visit them.

Snowflakes and holly add the details on the sides of this cake
Snowflakes and holly add the details on the sides of this cake

I am quite pleased with this one, although I think it’s easier to work with fondant icing that can be rolled out, rather than the Royal Icing that I’ll be decorating the boozy square cake with when I come back home on Friday. I still haven’t decided what that one’s going to look like yet… but it’ll probably have a silver, red or gold ribbon around it with maybe some simple white peaks.

In the meantime, if you’d like recipes, please leave a comment and thanks for reading!

Happy Christmas to all!
Happy Christmas to all!

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