A world of firsts…

Ah dear reader… I wonder how many of you can cast your minds back in time. For some of us it may be WAAAAAAAAY back, for others perhaps just a few years. But try if you can to recall the absolute, momentous thrill that surged through your body, from your little dis-believing eyes, right the way down past the pit of your stomach and on into the hairs on your big toes. (Oh, sorry, I should have put a ‘gross-ness warning’ on this post! Consider yourselves warned!)

I am of course referring to the day you opened your very first pay packet.

Actual cash, sitting there, representing the hours of toil, sweat and tears that you undertook in order to have some real, honest-to-God, hard-earned spondoolicks so that you can go and hang out in the record store and actually BUY one of the albums you’d previously had to save for weeks to afford on your old pocket-money gaff.

First wages are so exciting!
First wages are so exciting!

How many of us wanted to do what my Neanderthol did upon opening his very first pay packet this weekend and smother it all over his face? Go on, admit it… I bet you did it too!

Of course, he’s not going to hang out in some old record store to buy his favourite album (mine was Wishbone Ash’s album… the title of which completely escapes me right now, but it had that haunting track ‘The singing of the Lorelei’ on it). He’s going straight over to the Minecraft store to have a chat with Steve… 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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