Spring has definitely sprung!

OK, I know I go on a bit about the coming of Spring, but it is always eagerly awaited as the end of the long, dark, cold winter days. It brings with it the promise of sunshine, warmth, colour and light. Did I mention the sunshine? I love Spring!

So, without much further ado, I bring you that wonderful ray of sunshine, just as it came to me today. We decided – and here, by the term ‘we’, I of course mean the Royal ‘We’, as in ‘ME’, just to be absolutely clear on this point! WE decided that a trip over to Boston Spa to look at some lovely fabrics for more quilting projects would definitely be in order.

Yes, I KNOW I haven’t finished the Dresden yet, but you cannot just look the other way when the opportunity to visit a stitching fair comes up you know… all those lovely fabrics, waiting for me to stroke them and tell them how lovely they are… ahem, yes. Well. Where was I? Oh, yes, Boston Spa.

It’s a pretty little town, not far from Leeds, about a 45 minute drive from us here on the Grange. When I say ‘town’ I mean ‘town-ette’ really, because Boston Spa is really a very small town, but I don’t want anyone from Boston Spa to think I am being in any way derogatory about their lovely place, far from it indeed! I really like Boston Spa and today, as we drove through to the Deepdale Community Hall, I remembered why it was that I used to really like the place when we visited many years ago. It’s the sort of place that you drive through and think ‘Hmm, this is lovely! I could live here!’

I realise that some of you may actually be reading this in Boston, Massachusetts USA and you may be reading this with a gorgeous Bostonian accent – I have to say that in the Boston Spa that I am referring to of course the local accent would be more Yorkshire than Bostonian, but it is a wee bit on the grand side, so please imagine a grand-sounding Yorkshire accent and we’ll all be on the same page. But, of course, I digress!

Anyway, I was out and about collecting more fabric for my stash (let’s be honest here… it’ll be stash for a while then eventually I will do something with it. For now it just looks really pretty in my pile of unused fabrics. SOOOO pretty.)

And, since it is St David’s Day, the First of March, may I say ‘Lechyd da’ to you all as well – you may recognise this more easily if I write it more phonetically as ‘Yak-i-dar’, which of course is a traditional Welsh greeting, meaning ‘Your good health’ and it’s something that is often said by people on this day.

So, it’s a day of firsts really – the first of the month, my first video posting (fingers crossed!) and what I’m counting as the first day I really believe Spring is here!

ANYWAY (Gosh, I AM distracted today!)

On the way home from buying the lovely, pretty fabrics, we had to drive through some of the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside.

There were sheep.

In March, where there are sheep, there’s usually lambs.

And sure enough, when we stopped by a field full of big mummy sheep, there were lots and lots of exquisite, cute, cuddly Spring lambs. With white fluffy fleeces and black noses they began a loud chorus of ‘Baaa-ing’ as I watched them from the roadside. They are most definitely the harbinger of Spring.

I’m trying a new thing – posting a link to my You Tube video here http://youtu.be/ni125nPSllU – I hope the video works, but just in case it doesn’t, here are a couple of photos of them.

Yorkshire lamb with its mother
Yorkshire lamb with its mother
Pretty spring lambs
Pretty spring lambs



I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


2 Replies to “Spring has definitely sprung!”

    1. Thanks Mairi! I’m glad you both enjoyed it as much as I did! I couldn’t get over the volume of the baa-ing noise once they saw me arrive! It was definitely one of life’s joyous moments 🙂


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