A quick ‘Scream’

This will have to be a quickie tonight.

Places to go, people to see you know, I’m a busy woman.

In my dreams perhaps! Although, we are going out to see a play in about half an hour so, that’s why it’s a quickie. No other reason. Honest.

So, if you read yesterday’s post, you may have noticed a little picture of Lisa Simpson having been substituted for the person in the infamous Edvard Munch’s painting, ‘The Scream’. Clearly, I found it when I did a Google Image search, which blew me away with the sheer volume of possible images I could have chosen instead.

It got me thinking this afternoon.

‘Uh-oh!’ I hear you thinking (because I have super-hearing of course). ‘That’s ALWAYS a dangerous thing to happen … somebody stop her quickly, distract her with something pretty or shiny, or better still, something pretty AND shiny! 

Too late! So, I was reminded when I trawled through all those images, of a picture I took a couple of years or so ago now, up at Aysgarth Falls, wHaaayyyy up in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s quite a beautiful place and reasonably famous as the location used by the ‘Robin Hood, Prince of thieves’ movie a gazillion years or so ago. Kevin Costner and Christian Slater frolicked around in the waterfall there, rather fetchingly. I think I may have mentioned it before. In case you’re scrabbling around trying to remember, I’ll help you out…

Aysgarth Falls panorama
Aysgarth Falls panorama
Rock pool face
Rock pool face

So, I found this little rock pool and thought it looked just like the face of the woman in the famous painting.

I vowed to do something with it one day. As you do… you know ‘One day I’ll get round to clearing out all that junk…’ and so on. Well, today is The Day.


Liz Gregory's Scream
Liz Gregory’s Scream

I rather like my substitution of the rock-pool face. I hope it cheers your day anyway!

Thanks for reading!


2 Replies to “A quick ‘Scream’”

    1. Thanks Dave! I cannot take any credit for the brushwork of course, although I have enhanced the colours so that the black-white-greyscale of the rockpool are more emphatic, but it is a process that I really enjoy doing 🙂 Glad you like it!


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