T’arty Tulips

Tulips are beautiful at this time of year, especially here in Yorkshire. I love the variety of colours and sizes as well as the way that they ‘pop’ when they are just about done with the showing off their beautiful lines.

My FAB hubby planted a few in some pots a while back and they emerged, gloriously in their different guises, a couple of weeks ago. Having watched them for a fortnight, I finally got round to photographing them yesterday. I’m delighted with some of the images, which have offered me an opportunity to play around with them, to produce some interesting artistic interpretations of tulips.

'Yay!' said Rachel, on hearing the great news.

‘Yay!’ said Rachel, on hearing the great news.

In the first two pictures, I had a vision of Jennifer Aniston in the episode of ‘Friends’ when she was really happy about something or other – she’d just got the job at Ralph Lauren perhaps – as she jumped in the air with both arms flapping out to the side. This tulip looks kind of like that… ‘Yay!’ but the second one is funnier, because it looks like Rachel would have looked after the fourteenth take … ‘Meh!’.

'Phew! Fourteen takes is hard work!' Jennifer Aniston exclaimed.

‘Phew! Fourteen takes is hard work!’ Jennifer Aniston exclaimed.

I have a wHierd imagination… it’s OK, I take pills for it 🙂

Next came this tulip that is the most brazen, shamelessly immodest shade of red, (hence the title “T’arty Tulips”) but (photographer’s calamity #1) it was O.O.F. That’s Out Of Focus of course… I just thought that if I gave it a TLA (three-letter-acronym) it might sound more like a *real thing*.

I loved the sassy flashiness of the colour in this tulip.

I loved the sassy flashiness of the colour in this tulip.

So now… what to do with this shot? Apply an ‘Arty’ filter, that’s what! This one has a pastel filter applied and I like the feel of it now.

Next came this lovely soft pink tulip with a darker pink one in the rather fetching bokeh behind. I had a ball with this one!

Multiple filtering on this pretty pink tulip

Multiple filtering on this pretty pink tulip

I loved the soft colour in this tulip so applied two filters to the image. First it was a stained glass filter, with quite small panes and high level of detail. Then I went back to the original image and applied a sponge filter, because the tulip was too broken up with the SG filter – I lassoed the flower head(s) and copied /pasted them onto the first SG filtered version (are you still with me here?!) then flattened the layers and applied the mats. Phew!

Finally, came this exquisitely variegated tulip. It required little work except the removal of a distracting stalk at the side – which I think is reasonably well hidden.

Variegated tulips have a beautiful, sculptural quality.

Variegated tulips have a beautiful, sculptural quality.

So that’s today’s flowers. There will be more, because I haven’t even STARTED on the clematis yet – lovely purple flowers are already appearing! I love Spring!

Thanks for reading and, as always, I welcome your comments about… well anything really. I’ll chat with anyone. It’s occasionally a little embarrassing, but don’t worry, i have pills for that too… 🙂 ‘Til next time!


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