Wild about the wildlife

After the sorrow of last week when it seems that all was lost for Marty Jr. I am , as ever, amazed by the variety of wildlife that inhabits this corner of Yorkshire with us. Over the past couple of days, we’ve had an array of visitors to the garden, almost all of whom are very welcome.

I didn’t take photos of the ones that aren’t welcome, because, well that would be a bit daft now, wouldn’t it? Who wants to see pictures of rats the size of a small wheelbarrow? No, me neither!

So, instead, here’s what we’ve seen in the past couple of days…

Ben Bunny munching happily on the grass.
Ben Bunny munching happily on the grass.

First there was Ben Bunny. My FAB hubby thought he might have been an over-sized rat at first, but was mightily relieved to find he’s just a little ball of fluff… although we’re taking extra precautions around the carrots now we know about Ben. I couldn’t really get close enough to get a really good shot – rabbits rely upon their enhanced super-hearing to stay alive, so as soon as he gets even the faintest hint of sound, he scarpers pretty quickly. Still, he is definitely cute!

Fledgling contemplating his options...
Fledgling contemplating his options…

Next came a little feathered chap who decided that the patio outside my studio might be a good place to rest his fledgling wings for a few minutes. He wasn’t spooked by my camera so much – until I made the mistake of trying to open the side gate and then he was off, quick as a flash. I was relieved he wasn’t injured and could fly independently – I’m not great at looking after small animals, or birds for that matter.

Water critters... see the dents their tiny feet make on the surface of the water?
Water critters… see the dents their tiny feet make on the surface of the water?

Living things labelAnd then today I popped out into the sunshine to take some photos – look out for the next blog piece with some lovely shots taken today – when I found one of the red trays that I used to use for storing various school-work related ephemera. I

ronically, this one was labelled ‘Science: Living Things’! It’s been outside for a few days and has therefore (this is England after all!) collected a few centimeters of rainfall.

There was a variety of small water-critters swimming around in the water as well as skating around the surface. I am no expert when it comes to creepy crawly things, but these beetles seem to be entering into some kind of game of Thrones inspired orgy … or at least that’s how it looks to me! I love the fact that you can see where their little feet have slightly pierced the surface tension of the water. I hope that someone with more entomological knowledge than  myself can put me right about the bug’s behaviour as I don’t want to get a reputation for posting dodgy pictures!

But the best sighting, by far, came this afternoon.

Just outside the FAB hubby’s den there’s a house marten nest, which has, like most of the others, been there for at least three years or so. We noticed that it has recently acquired an extension, so that it looks like a semi-detached house now. I heard some quite loud cheeping noises whilst I was out photographing the flowers which caused me to rush inside for the stepladders. I’m never very good when not in contact with the ground beneath my feet, so venturing up a step ladder, out of doors, in the big wide open that is the OUTSIDE… well, I didn’t rate my chances any way.

But I didn’t fall, not even a wobble.

I got to see inside both of the nests.

There are baby house martens in BOTH nests. At least two in each.

How do I know…

Two cuties!
Two cuties!
Baby Marten - I wish I could say he's cute, but... well I think he's gorgeous!
Baby Marten – I wish I could say he’s cute, but… well I think he’s gorgeous!

Well, here’s the evidence! It certainly made my heart sing!

I hope that the extension is housing the Marten family that I feared were lost last week… that glass there’s pretty much half full i believe!


Thanks for reading!






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