Well, who knew?

I’m a little bit gobsmacked this morning.

Apparently, someone read my post yesterday and thought it was inappropriate. They sent me a rather rude note, likening me (amongst other things) to an unprofessional twelve-year-old. I was mightily flattered, which you’d probably only understand when you get to be a wise old sage like me.

The Golden Buddha sits atop the mountain on Lantau. Thinking.
The Golden Buddha sits atop the mountain on Lantau. Thinking.

My friend and exceptionally professional writer, Jon Katz, has a brilliant attitude towards people with differing opinions, who feel the need to express them everywhere. He acknowledges their need to express themselves and then carries on doing/thinking/behaving exactly as he feels he should. Being swayed by a negative opinion is the downfall of many a public figure. I am so glad that he’s taught me this lesson before I had to encounter it, or else I might have responded thus: ‘I’m so sorry to have offended you! I will refrain from making such infantile mistakes ever again and thank you, so very much, for pointing them out to me in such a kind, gentle and encouraging fashion.’

I get that listening to good, constructive advice is useful and can help you to learn to improve whatever it is you are attempting to do. I am all about the learning thing – as the thousands of students that I’ve taught over the years will probably attest to. I make mistakes all the time and if something I’ve written hasn’t come off particularly well, then I do appreciate helpful, well-considered guidance from people who actually have a clue what they are talking about.

So, I offer my grateful thanks to you, dear MysticMeg, for the gift of your sound, well-grounded and totally useful comments. I shall forever be in your debt.

And I’ll try not to get too giddy about someone thinking I might be some kind of professional writer. God Forbid!

Thanks for reading, my friends, you make my day brighter!


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