Wedding Album

It’s been a while hasn’t it? There are a bunch of reasons why I have taken a hiatus from writing this blog which have little to do with why I’m pumped enough to resume today. On the basis that I’d prefer to write about something I HAVE been doing, rather than something I haven’t, just go with me here, OK?

So, a million years ago my lovely nephew, Lee, and his then fiancée, Lyndsey, asked me if I would be willing to take some pictures of their upcoming nuptials and given that I had done the same for his little brother a couple of years ago, I said ‘Yes’ of course. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? I’d be honoured, of course. So, I’d agreed.

And in any case, it was months away and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. At all. It’d be a cinch.

It’s possible, you might just be picking up on a teeny, tiny, almost insignificant amount of anxiety on my part about this project. I don’t know why. It’s just an ‘Ely’.

(What in Heaven’s name is an ‘Ely’? I can hear you asking… well, I could direct you to a very funny book entitled ‘The Meaning Of Liff’ that I read, way back in about 1982 I think, which had definitions of a whole bunch of ordinary words that gave an insight into that very vexed question, ‘What, if anything, is the meaning of Life?’. It was a chortlesome volume that held my attention for many a long moon  – as you can probably tell by this lengthy reference to a single definition held within it’s covers. An ‘Ely’ was defined as ‘That slightly anxious feeling one gets when you realise that something is amiss, very definitely, but you cannot quite put your finger on what is actually wrong – you just KNOW that something is amiss.’ See… don’t say this isn’t an educational blog – you’ve probably learned something new today. You’re welcome.

So, I’m having a bit of an Ely, but since I can’t quite say why, I push it to the recesses of my convoluted grey matter. Which is actually a very scary place to be. You really don’t want to go poking around with any kind of a stick there … seriously, you must have something way more entertaining to do than exploring the deepest crooks and nannies of my mind – unless you’re a psychoanalyst of course. Then, I could understand your unnatural interest in my mental machinations.


Sorry – I’ve been losing it a fair bit recently. It’s probably best if I return to the story for today eh?

So, I’ve agreed to take these photos and it all starts getting very *REAL* when we go and visit the venue and walk around the lovely grounds, inspecting the log upon which Lyndsey wants to sit, displaying the elegant bridal gown to best effect, looking wistfully off into the distance whilst a gentle breeze playfully catches her veil and causes it to billow gracefully… I can do this.

Of course I can.

I am the master of Photoshop.

I can make things happen, even if they didn’t really happen that way!

Or can I?

So, I don’t know who was more nervous that lovely sunny Sunday morning last August. Yes. You heard right. Last AUGUST.

Good things come to those who wait. That’s my defence. And I am sticking to it!

As I drove down the motorway at some ungodly hour (to be with the bride as she gets ready for the day) I am going over and over in my mind what to do. Which lenses to use for which shots. When to send the ushers out to get the next group of people. What to do if the children are uncooperative. All bases are covered – I have  pieces of paper with every moment planned, in triplicate, to ensure that everything goes swimmingly and I don’t do the unthinkable and, you know, screw up or anything.

And actually, for the most part, I didn’t.

Unless you count the bit where my camera did the implausible and decided to stop working properly just as I start to take all the pictures of the family groups… and I realise that the last 80 or so pictures were taken at an entirely incorrect setting. They’re all s**t. Blank. Mahoossively over-exposed so that all I can see on my display screen is a big white blur. For eighty shots. ‘Cos of course, I was so busy, I forgot to keep checking in between each different setting  that I’d not done something stupid like nudging a button somewhere.


But you see this is where being an extraordinarily organised ex-primary-school-teacher comes in very handy. And an ex-girl-guide to boot.


That’s their motto.

And now it is mine.

I had a plan B. Actually, I had plans C through Z as well, if truth be told, but I didn’t need any of them, so we can all heave a great sigh of relief as plan B was the Get Out Of Jail Free Card and I was enormously grateful to my FAB hubby as he had been snapping away with camera B, you know, JUST IN CASE. And Camera B (my daughter’s Nikon, set entirely on automatic, so that it was completely foolproof. Lesson learned), captured all those moments I missed. Beautifully in fact.

So now all I had to do was edit the 2,245 images and create a perfect album for Mr and Mrs Lee Deaves.

Holy Schmoley!

It’s taken hours and hours of staring at my screen, sometimes replacing pixels here and there, knitting images together, brightening faces, fixing intrusive lights or bags or whatever else to come up with these, my favourite images, which have made it to the album.

I am very proud of it.

And I loved doing it.

Which is actually what it was all about. For me anyway.

I hope you enjoy seeing these images – the link to the album is no longer available, sorry! but I’m including my most favourite pictures here too – thanks for being gorgeous subjects Lee and Lyndsey! And, congratulations too 🙂

The Dress ... just waiting for the bride!
The Dress … just waiting for the bride!
The Bride and her dad, setting off to the ceremony
The Bride and her dad, setting off to the ceremony
The Groom, reflecting on what is about to happen...
The Groom, reflecting on what is about to happen…
The angelic Flower Girl
The angelic Flower Girl
Cheers! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!
Cheers! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!
That dress is just gorgeous!
That dress is just gorgeous!
The Mother of the Bride looking relaxed just before the ceremony
The Mother of the Bride looking relaxed just before the ceremony
OMG! The boys all LOVE the ring... :)
OMG! The boys all LOVE the ring… 🙂

… and the final log photo…

On the Log, with the gentle breeze catching the veil (you totally cannot see the groom throwing that veil up, can you?)
On the Log, with the gentle breeze catching the veil (you totally cannot see the groom throwing that veil up, can you?)

Of course, no wedding is complete without a couple of bloopers… so, the log was located in quite a boggy area of lawn and the bride had removed her own shoes, so they didn’t get dirty. My able assistant (and rather FAB hubby) came to the rescue by offering his shoes as a substitute as the bride toddled off the the next location, under the romantic, wide-boughed tree – the groom simply peeing himself with laughter!

Erm...those shoes seem a little wrong don't you think?
Erm…those shoes seem a little wrong don’t you think?

And the final word must go to the bride’s mother, Pat; this picture says it all I think!

The Mother of the Bride has a final tipple...
The Mother of the Bride has a final tipple…

What a great day – thanks to everyone, but especially to the wonderful bride and groom who were marvellous subjects. Let’s do this again sometime eh?


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