Eye-Spy, with Scarlett, aged 2 and three-quarters

Eye Spy, with my little eye...
Eye Spy, with my little eye…

‘Eye Spy, with my little piggies, something beginning with Red!’ Scarlett exclaimed from the back seat of the car.

It had been a long journey.

‘Something beginning with ‘Red’?’ I asked, checking that I understood the parameters of this game.

Clearly I don’t, at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

‘Yes, Nana. Something beginning with ‘Red’.’ She replied, very chirpily.

Hmmm… let me think…

‘Is it in the car Scarlett?’ I enquired, in a vain attempt to narrow the possibilities down a tad.

‘Nope’. She replied, with much more than just a hint of satisfaction.

‘Is it outside the car then?’


The puzzled look on my face probably means more to you than it did to her.

‘Is it at your house?’ I ventured, hopefully.


Is it at Nana’s house?’


Can you give me a clue? I was beginning to sound a little desperate.

‘Nope’ she replied, steadfastly.

‘Is it by the seaside?’


‘Is it in the supermarket?’


‘Is it in the garden?’

‘Who’s garden?’ – AHA! I was getting somewhere? I cast about frantically in my grey matter to weigh up the odds…

‘Your garden?’ I tentatively offered.

‘Erm…’ she teased.


There was a big smile on her face now.

‘Is it in Nana’s garden then?’ I was getting a little frustrated.

‘Maybe’ came the reply.

‘So… it’s something beginning with ‘red’ and it’s in Nana’s garden?’ I wanted to confirm before we went any further.

‘Yes’ Scarlett purred.

‘Is it a flower?’


‘Can I eat it?’



‘But I can!’ Scarlett declared, delightedly.

I should have known.

‘Is it a strawberry?’

Is it a strawberry?
Is it a strawberry?

‘YES! Nana, you’re SO clever! How did you KNOW?’ The joy on my two-year-old granddaughter’s face was so precious and wonderful, all frustration simply disappeared.

Of COURSE it was a strawberry! How much fun is Eye Spy with two-year-olds?

Thanks for reading!


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