HOtG 10th July 2013: Cows

July 11th Cows.


Sometimes, I really think cows are beautiful. These gorgeous girls were surprised to see me as I stumbled upon their ruminations down the long, winding road that leads to Kettleness, an exquisite hamlet perched on the cliff-top between Runswick Bay and Sandsend, near Whitby on the coast of North Yorkshire.

I was having a bit of a depression crisis last month and decided to take myself away for a little while, so a drive up the coast in my trusty Volvo convertible on the first sunny day in months seemed like an excellent idea. I’d last been to Kettleness over 35 years ago, when some of my boarding school-mates and I decided to trek along the coastal path from there to Whitby, a distance of about 6 or 7 miles, on a similarly spectacularly sunny day. The years simply rolled away as I drank the dramatic scenery in.

The cows were clearly intrigued by my sudden appearance and as they trotted over to chat I marvelled at their sleek faces, their sweeping eyelashes and surprisingly dainty legs. Clearly though, my presence held little interest for them beyond the initial bolt-from-the-blue and they returned to their ruminations with merely a flutter of their lengthy eye-curtains and a swish of their tails.

I found peace that day.


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