HOtG July 15th 2013: Marty McNofly

July 15 2013: Marty McNofly

Marty the house marten is getting bigger every day. He’s getting used to me popping out to see him whenever he becomes particularly vociferous. I am pretty sure he still has a sibling in the nest with him, but they are much more reticent about becoming familiar with me. Marty McNofly (as my husband has aptly named him) spends his days chattering relentlessly to his sibling, to his parents when they bring goodies and then generally, to anyone who might want to listen.

Marty sm

And oh, do I want to listen! His voice is cheery, full of unabashed hope and ecstatic longing – all the things we tell ourselves we should supress for the sake of modesty, of conformity to human social norms and of course so that we ‘fit in’ with others. Marty has no such frivolities to consider. He wants a snack: chitter, chatter, chittery, chat, chat, chat! He wants his sibling to move over – it’s getting quite tight in the nest now –  chatter, chitter, chit, chat! When he spots me peering into his home he tips his head to one side quizzically and seems to ask ‘Are you my mummy?’ then, realising I am not, he just smiles for the camera and then chats away some more.

I will miss him when he fledges.


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