HOtG July 16th 2013

July 16 Restoring old stuff. Metaphorically and physically.

I’ve been busy for the past few days. Rediscovering something I used to do a lot of, but for various reasons haven’t done for a long time. I remember that I am never happier than when in old clothing I am wielding a paintbrush.

My husband is an avid Free-cycler. This enormous old house is rapidly being filled with amongst other things, beds that he herds into the 5 bedrooms (one room has four beds and a cot to accommodate my daughter and her family, whilst another guest room has 3 more beds… ‘herding’ seems an entirely appropriate adverb!). Sometimes the stuff he brings home is not allowed past the front door, although he’s been known to sneak things into the garage, where he hides them for a few days then gradually brings me round to accepting them into the house properly, whence they are then ceremoniously positioned and he pats himself on the back for another job well done. I swear he was a magpie in a former life.

So, when he came home a couple of weeks ago with this monstrosity, I could see the potential. Seriously, this little Dutch dresser had an identity problem – someone had decided to paint it, but couldn’t make their mind up between a sort of Wedgewood blue or lavender… so they used both. Hmmm…

A piece of furniture with a split personality

These are the BEFORE photos!

All dressed up and ready to house more *stuff*!

So, a bit of elbow grease, removal of the door and drawer furniture – which seem to be pewter-like and scrubbed up a treat – and some serious vacuuming of the gazillion cobwebs underneath, led me to three coats of white primer and two of this antique white eggshell… and hey presto! Now, she looks ready to go to the ball!

I love brandishing my paintbrush … now, what else can I spruce up…???










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