HOTG July 19 2013

July 19th

How wonderful! The postman has just arrived and, as it’s my birthday I greeted him with a cheery wave and thanked him for his efforts – ours is a long driveway for him to have to walk up and down each day. I was surprised to see the book-shaped package that was clearly from my daughter, Donna. I knew it was a book, because that’s what she does – she’s a publisher. I also knew it was from her because she always addresses stuff with the same moniker… ‘Mum, Mill Grange, North Yorkshire’ and she adds the postcode too so that it actually gets here.

In spite of it’s appearance, I felt a small quickening of my pulse, as this might LOOK like a book, it was reasonable to assume it WOULD be a book, given its providence, but somehow, it just felt a bit *different*… inexplicably because, after all I know Donna always knows just what I want to read next. Hmm… whatever was in the package?

Well, there really is only one way to find out. Envelope  ripped, pretty spotty birthday wrapping torn to shreds… of course it’s a book! It is book shaped, has lovely roses all over it and it opens up… just like a book… and then, just when I thought I knew exactly what would lie between these pristine pages, it wasn’t a book at all! No, my lovely daughter has sent me a beautiful set of 6 exquisite little silver cake forks with roses on the teeny handles, in a silk lined box! How lucky am I?

What a wonderful surprise!


Now, I just have to take my leave of you all (and BTW, thank you all for your very kind and lovely birthday wishes!) whilst I go bake a cake so that I can use my new present straight away.

I love birthday surprises! – have a great day everyone!





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