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A yellow rose

My FAB hubby has bought me flowers almost every week since we married nearly 36 years ago – except for Valentines’ weeks, when I simply object to the ridiculous over-pricing of this simple expression of love. I’ve taken many photos of the various bunches of flowers over the years, but this one, THIS one is as close to perfection as I can find. I just had to share it with everyone.

Yellow has long been my most favourite colour for roses – and I don’t know if this happens to you when you see one but I’m always playing a snippet of ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ in my head each time I see them. No? Just me then!

So, without further ado – I give you Liz’s Yellow Rose.

Yellow rose sm

A perfect yellow rose


Possibly perfect.



My grandaughter is a dinosaur. No. Really.

You may remember from a little while back that I wrote a piece about the wearing of ‘onesies’ in our family. My FAB hubby has a dragon (complete with tiny wings and long pointy red tail), my son has a Count Dracula, I have a cow like my daughter who has been breastfeeding since almost the turn of the century (hence the reference!). My two older grandchildren have a monkey and a shark (or a wolf – I can’t remember which it is! Hey… I’m old and I forget things). We’re all delighted with our garments.

When the family were leaving after their stay with us we decided that as a parting gift, the two younger children also needed to have their own ‘onesie’. Scarlett, who is fifteen months and spends a fair amount of her life in a onesie anyway, was appreciative of hers – a smaller version of the wolfie-onesie that her older sister has.

Harrie was asleep in the car, ready for the journey south when her onesie was delivered. When they arrived home several hours later and Harrie was presented with her dinosaur garment, she was simply delighted! She squeaked. She squealed. She simply BEAMED from ear to ear, jumped up and down and demanded to be allowed to put it on straight away.

They skyped us  immediately and we were very gratified to see how much pleasure this simple present had given to our young granddaughter. She just adored it, clearly. Excited babbled expressions of gratitude poured through the ether and made us all feel at least a small fraction of her joy. Yay! We done good!

That was fifteen days ago.

There's a dinosaur eating cookie dough!

There’s a dinosaur eating cookie dough!

Today, my daughter posted this picture of Harrie stealing cookie dough in their kitchen.

She is, you will notice, wearing the honoured dinosaur onesie. As well as a fair bit of cookie dough.

I asked her mother if she lives in that onesie. The reply came as follows:

Yes. Literally every day (except last Friday) since you gave it to her. Last Friday I forgot to take it from the washer into the dryer before she woke up and she nearly cried saying “mummy, is my dinosaur onesie died?”

Harrie’s purpose in life is to give good cheer to all who come in contact with her. She will go a very long way, I suspect. I hope she brings you as much cheer as she did to me when I read this!

Thanks for reading!

Reflecting on the past

Reflection on the past

Reflection on the past

Thanks goodness for Jeff Anderson’s photo course! I’m consciously trying to take better pictures, looking for light sources and watching my exposures more carefully.

I’ve been lax lately with writing. Partly it is from having a feeling that I can’t quite put my finger on – I’ve tried three or four times over the past few days to find some inspiration from somewhere. Something’s amiss. Really, I’m not sure what it is.

The last leaves cling to their branches

The last leaves cling to their branches

I feel like I need to think with greater clarity about things, to see things more clearly and choose the best path that lies ahead. Life is kind of muddy at the moment and perhaps I should take my own advice and do myself a tarot reading – that usually clears things up for me when I feel I need a kick in the pants!

We had a short trip out on Tuesday afternoon and the sky was just a brilliant colour. Like it can only be in late autumn, with a cold crispness in the air and the last of the leaves changing, clinging on for dear life to the remnants of their glory days.

How blue can the sky be?

How blue can the sky be?

I managed a couple of good shots of leaves, seed heads and reflections and then we found a delightful pub to have a latte and a plate of chips to share.

Even dead seed heads have their own beauty

Even dead seed heads have their own beauty

On my way to the ladies room this glorious lantern lit the passageway and entranced me.

I love the way the light is thrown onto the wall behind

I love the way the light is thrown onto the wall behind

I love the way the light patterns are thrown onto the wall behind.

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